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Top 10 property development podcasts

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Property and the value of land is always in the news, but even more so in the last few years due to COVID-19 and its effect on the economy.

So, if you're planning on selling land or property in 2023, podcasts are a fantastic way to keep yourself informed of the constantly changing UK property market.

Here are our top ten property development podcasts to tune into in 2023 and beyond.

1. Commercial Property Investors

Commercial Property Investors is a weekly podcast hosted by property investor Jerry Alexander, who discusses common issues relating to property investments. This podcast offers listeners a professional insight into many of the common issues affecting the property market. Tuning in regularly is a great way to improve your own knowledge of investing and property market analysis.

2. My Property World

My Property World is a property podcast hosted by Will Mallard that examines how and why people might consider making money through buying and selling property. The podcast explores issues in the property sector from a businessperson's perspective, including offering tips on closing property deals quickly and analysing the strength of a deal. This is a fantastic podcast for investors keen to turn property into a full-time job.

3. Property Magic

Property Magic is a weekly podcast that's been on the air since 2019. Available through all major stations including iTunes and Spotify, Property Magic is based on Simon Zutshi's book of the same name. With experience investing in property since 1995, Simon Zutshi understands more than anyone just how much the property market fluctuates year-to-year. Learn how to protect your property portfolio from market volatility and how to take advantage of momentum investing in this must-listen property podcast.

4. Progressive Property

The Progressive Property podcast styles itself as the UK’s #1 property podcast, and certainly we featured it in last year’s article on podcasts. It is another weekly podcast that focuses on property investment. Targeting property flippers, buy-and-hold investors and multi-letters, this property podcast can help you to understand how the market you're working in is changing and how you can adapt your property investment strategies to suit market trends and changing regulations.

5. The Property Voice

Another one we featured in last year’s podcast blog, The Property Voice is one of the longest-running property podcasts out there, and it's been educating listeners on all things property since 2015. It's hosted by Richard W J Brown, an experienced property investor and writer. Perhaps the most valuable thing about this podcast is the number of experienced investors Brown speaks to on the show which helps new and beginner investors to understand the property market from a huge number of different perspectives and approaches.

6. The Property Talk

The Property Talk is a weekly property podcast that's largely tailored towards educating property beginners and fledgling investors. Each episode focuses on a different investment topic and explores the issues surrounding that topic in-depth. The Property Talk is one to peruse at your own leisure, dipping into old episodes every time you need to brush up your knowledge on a particular subject.

7. Inside Property Investing

The Inside Property Investing podcast offers some of the most real insights into property investing today that you'll find in any podcast. Each week, the podcast's hosts Mike and Victoria Stenhouse speak to guest investors, developers, and entrepreneurs to share stories of investing in the market today. This is a great podcast to listen to if you want to experience the highs and lows that property investing offers.

8. The Real Market

The Real Market is a property podcast that sees host Chris Rising interview property industry figures on a huge range of topics including business, architecture, and finance. The Real Market is a property podcast that straddles many different subjects and it's ideal for listeners wanting to expand the breadth of their knowledge.

9. Crowd With Us

This twice-monthly podcast is hosted by property finance experts Rob Wilkinson, Rob Pasternak, and Thor Portess. Crowd With Us is a funding platform that pairs investors with property deals, and the company's insightful podcast is every bit as innovative as you'd expect from such a start-up. This podcast is ideal for investors wanting to listen to property experts discuss key issues surrounding investing and selling, including development strategies and sustainable growth.

10. Property Sisters

Last but certainly not least, Property Sisters is a weekly property podcast hosted by Helen Chorley and Clare Norwood. This is a fun, light property podcast that offers listeners entertaining updates on the latest property news and developments as well as tips on investing and securing the best deals.

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