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The 5 best property development blogs to read in 2022

There is a wealth of useful information online about property development. As blogs continue to grow, branch out and evolve, they are targeting niches within the property industry. The ones we have collected below are some of the best quality, most interesting finds on the internet.

These contain useful strategies and stories and are regularly updated. Not only are they insightful, but they make for some great reads, too!

1. Learn more about the life of a first-time landlord at Property Investment Project

Designed with UK residential buy-to-let landlords in mind, this blog begins as a series of humorous and insightful posts about the author’s experiences as a first-time landlord but has evolved into more of a general property development site.

It includes valuable advice on selling land with planning permission and how to value your land.

2. Develop your legal knowledge with the Landlord Law Blog

Focused specifically on teaching you all the legal things you need to know about tenancy, renting, selling land and property letting, the ‘Landlord Law Blog’ has developed enormously over the last few years and ties in with author Tess Shepperson’s professional membership website. (Although you can still view the blog for free.)

3. Get creative with Houzz for the interior designer

While not strictly a blog, this discussion site is ideal for both the experienced and the newbie interior designer alike. When it comes to selling property, there are few quicker ways to increase value and kerb appeal than with an interior redesign.

With this discussion page, you can get first-hand advice from other interior designers and ask direct questions to receive almost instant responses.

4.Progressive Property Blog for strategy and advice on buying, letting, selling and investing

Designed with both the aspiring property entrepreneur and the veteran investors alike in mind, this blog offers interesting and easy to understand advice on everything to do with property. Managed by a dedicated team, it features articles by the company’s founders, the company’s trainers, and even some special guests.

5. NFC Homes for topical news and advice on selling land and land valuation

We couldn’t forget our own blog pages in a post about the best blogs for property development! Our easy-to-understand blog posts contain all the relevant news and tips you need to navigate the property sphere.

It includes detailed information about selling land to a developer, gaining planning permission on land, selling land with planning permission, how to value land and much more.

No matter where you are in your property development career, NFC Homes is here to help. You don’t need to be an expert to succeed in the property sphere.

If you’re in possession of land you’d like to sell, contact us today and we’ll organise a free, no-obligation quote.

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