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Seven reasons why you need a land promoter

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

If you're trying to sell land in the UK, you want to get the best possible price with the least amount of risk and work. Working with a land promoter can help you to achieve this; they do the hard work to help you secure the best possible selling price for your land while simultaneously eliminating the risks of applying for planning permission.

Let's take a look at seven reasons why you need a land promoter to help you sell land to a developer for the best possible price.

1. Make your land more attractive to buyers

It's a land promoter's job to make your land more attractive to potential buyers. Professional land promoters will consider all of the features, benefits, and strengths of your land and evaluate exactly how to maximise profits from your sale. In some locations, this might mean applying for specific types of planning permission for you, while in others, it means creating effective, targeted marketing materials that hit the perfect note for your target audience.

2. Secure the best-selling price for your land

As well as making your land more attractive to potential buyers, land promoters are experienced in calculating exactly how to garner the highest selling price for your land. The UK is a small country with limited amounts of usable space, which means that land with development potential is extremely valuable. But to realise this value at the point of sale, it's necessary to identify the development potential of any piece of land and secure all of the relevant grants and permissions you need before selling. A land promoter can make your land so attractive to investors that they'll know they need to act fast - and make a generous offer - to outbid their competitors.

3. Maximise your chances of gaining planning permission

It's possible to apply for planning permission independently of a land promoter, but it's a costly, time-consuming, and difficult process that might not even result in planning permission being granted. As experts in UK planning permission and development regulations, land promoters know how to submit flawless planning permission applications that are almost certain to result in success.

4. Mitigate financial risk

For many landowners, applying for planning permission is a daunting and risky proposition. It takes a huge amount of time and money to apply for planning permission with no guarantee that permission will be granted at the end of the process. When you work with a land promoter, they take on all of the initial costs and risks of applying for planning permission, reducing the cost to yourself and eliminating the risk of wasting money on unsuccessful planning applications.

5. Cost-effective and mutually beneficial

When you work with a land promoter, they are 100% on your side with no conflicts of interest muddying the waters. Land promoters make money by recouping a small percentage of the profits from your land sale, which aligns their interests with yours: you both want to secure the best price for your land possible no matter how much work it takes. You don't have to worry that land promoters will undersell your land or encourage you to accept an offer that's not up to par.

6. Less paperwork for you

Without a doubt, one of the primary reasons why anyone works with a land promoter is to reduce the amount of paperwork and red tape they have to deal with themselves. Applying for planning permission - and submitting all of the paperwork necessary to guarantee a successful application - is many hours of work and to someone not familiar with all of the quirks and rules of UK planning laws it's not an easy task. Land promoters are experts in UK planning and development and can take these tasks on with ease.

7. Be confident in the sale process

If you're selling a valuable parcel of land, the price you sell it for could have a significant impact on your personal wealth and financial security. When you work with a land promoter, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your land is in safe hands and that it's going to sell for the best price possible. Eliminate the 'what if's and say goodbye to second thoughts by partnering with a land promoter from the very beginning of your journey.

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NFC Homes is a residential and commercial property development, housebuilding and construction group based in London and working nationwide. Over the past 15 years, we have successfully delivered more than 1,500 new homes and commercial developments. We can help you to secure the best price for your land by making it irresistible to developers and investors. Contact NFC Homes today on to find out more about how working with a land promoter can help you maximise the value of your land.


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