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Can you sell land without planning permission?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

If you're considering selling land anywhere in the UK, you might have realised that planning permission can have a significant impact on the value and attractiveness of your land. Obtaining planning permission can make land more attractive to investors, but it's not the only way to sell land in the UK. Let's explore whether you need planning permission to sell land and how to decide whether or not to apply for planning permission when selling land in the UK.

Can you sell land without planning permission?

Yes, you can absolutely sell land without planning permission, but this isn’t ideal. Every year, plots of land across the UK are sold without planning permission. Often, this might be agricultural land, but it could also be plots of brownfield land in towns and cities or acres of moorland in the countryside. If you choose to sell land without obtaining planning permission first, the land will sell for less, However gaining Planning Permission is risky, expensive and is a lengthy process that can take months or even years. The value of your land, with or without planning permission, depends upon a number of factors that affect how much a buyer is willing to pay for it. Some of those factors are:

• What is possible to build on your land? • How much is a possible development worth? • What would it cost to build said development on your land? • How much profit could your land generate? Knowing the answers to these questions could help you to decide whether to sell your land as it is or apply for planning permission before selling it. If your plot of land is a premium proposition for developers, you could vastly increase its value by applying for planning permission before you sell.

What is selling 'subject to planning permission'?

A third route to selling land is selling 'subject to planning’ permission. When you sell land this way, the buyer agrees to buy the land but only if they successfully acquire planning permission for the land. This gives you all the advantage of gaining planning permission, which increases the value of the land, but you don’t have to take the risk or spend the money trying to gain Planning Permission.

Also, an experienced developer, will understand the process and be able to maximise the value of the land.

Is it better to sell land with or without planning permission?

Whether or not you should apply for planning permission before selling land depends on your priorities and your objectives. If you want to maximise the value of the land you sell and increase your profits, selling land with planning permission is probably the best option for you. However, for many people, the stress, effort, cost and risk of obtaining planning permission aren't worth the extra income. So there third route 'subject to planning’ permission can be a very attractive proposition.

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